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  • Lawsuit Cash Advance

    Crash Cash Now is a leading, national, lawsuit cash advance company that provides lawsuit funding for automotive accidents, wrongful death and slip and fall accidents. Begin by applying for a lawsuit cash advance today.

  • Accident Cash Settlement

    If you have been involved in a car accident and are awaiting a lawsuit cash settlement, Crash Cash can help you get cash advance before your settlement.

  • Slip & Fall Cash

    If you are need of a cash settlement after a slip and fall accident. We can help you with lawsuit cash advance.

  • Injury Cash Advance

    Crash Cash provides lawsuit cash advances for people with personal injury claims for accidents.

Accident Cash Advance

Waiting for the money from a lawsuit after a car accident can be emotionally and financially debilitating. Even if you win, the money could take months even years to be paid. With a cash advance on the settlement of the auto accident case, you can have immediate financial relief.

Wrongful Death Cash Loan

If you have a loved one whose death was because of someone's negligence - our experts can help you get a cash advance you need before the settlement. Through lawsuit cash advance, CrashCash gives you access to the money you need now.

Slip and Fall Cash Advance

A slip and fall injury occurs when a person slips and/or falls at a location under management of another person. Slip and fall injury settlements are very dependant on where and under what circumstances the injured party got injured.

Lawsuit Cash Advance Funding

Have you or a loved one been injured and are waiting for a settlement. Get from $500 to $500,000 cash advance while you wait for your injury settlement.

CrashCash a premier provider of lawsuit cash advance funding and lawsuit settlement loans. We serve people expecting a cash settlement from a pending lawsuit or judgement. The legal process, especially regarding lawsuit funding and settlements can take a long time. Some plaintiffs cannot financially afford to wait for a settlement or judgement on their lawsuit. CrashCash can help you get lawsuit cash advance loan on your forthcoming settlement.

If you are approved, we will, in exchange for a lien against your current lawsuit settlement case, advance you a lawsuit advance, with no obligation to repay the loan, unless you win your case.

Our experienced, result-oriented team understands your financial situation and will do our best to get you the financial assistance you need quickly and at a competitive rate. Apply today.

Crash Cash Now is a lawsuit funding company specializing in auto accident pre-settlement funding.